KTEL manufactures and distributes communication equipment used exclusively for motor sports. A great number of communication equipment manufacturers are currently doing business in the world of motor sports. As far as microphones are concerned, however, KTEL has outperformed all competitors. Among all microphone systems attached to helmets worn by F1 drivers, who represent the pinnacle of the world's motor sports, the share of our noise-canceling microphones amounts to approximately 50% (according to our survey made in 1992).

 KTEL Wind-Noise-Canceling Microphones, a series of innovative products developed using our highly competitive technology, have been enjoying an established reputation as patented products not only in Japan but also in the other parts of the world. They give full aplay to their real performance when they are used by motorcyclists who are bound to be exposed to noise-causing wind all the time. If you use one of our microphones, your communication will never be disturbed by wind-noise even when you ride a motorcycle at very high speeds . We are not exaggerating. Once you use a KTEL Wind-Noise-Canceling Microphone, you are soon convinced of its unequaled performance.